Happy Earth Day

I don’t know if I’m just living in the fog of small infant, but I almost went the entire day without realizing that it was Earth Day.  It doesn’t help that by prioritizing getting to church this Sunday, I virtually guaranteed that my limited interaction with the outside world (because, really, bouncing a fussy baby in the foyer is limiting) would NOT remind me.

Anyways, I’ve always thought of Earth Day as almost a New Years day for environmentalists… a day for me to reflect about what I can do for the earth.  Because I am generally too over-committed to participate in bigger events on the actual day, I tend to make an ‘earth goal’ and move on.

Earth Day goal for this year:  finish insulating the attic space (and all the rest of the stuff that involves)


Did you do anything for Earth Day this year?  Does anyone have any ideas/traditions for celebrating it with small kids?  Do you have an Earth Day goal you would like to share?

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