I grow dirt in my backyard, teenagers in small spaces and doggies with good manners.

I live (mostly) what I believe, modestly, simply and with a phenomenal man.

I’m a feminist, an environmentalist, a mom, a wife and lover of place. Wherever that place is (unless it’s Wendover, NV)

I have a degree in Geography from the University of Utah and I’m almost done with a second B.S. in Environmental Studies. I’m immersed in environmental issues and it’s hard to look away when I’m confronted with it daily.

I have poor grammar, I’m incredibly lazy, I have ADD, I don’t care much for typing, and I can’t keep a thought in my head long enough to get it completely on paper (screen?). So it makes perfect sense that I’d start a blog dedicated to environmental issues, right?

That’s what the other bloggers are for. They write fantastic posts, I do stuff behind the scenes, they get all the glory (deservedly) and I feel like I’m doing something useful.

On a serious note, I’m fascinated by the Earth’s processes and when I’m long gone after living a comfortable life with fast transportation, mostly clean water and air, and more food options than I could use, my grandchildren will still be here. It’s my job as my clan’s matriarch to do what I can to make sure they, too, will have access to a comfortable life with clean water, plentiful food, breathable air and a place to stay warm.

This blog won’t make it happen, but it’s just one of many little things I can do.

I also blog at, , and (in the not so distant past) at


Edit: apparently I’m a fan of cataloging too

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